Poop personified!


As a conveyor of the comedicly drawn word, I myself enjoy going to various web comics on the..erm, web. So here are some webcomics I like to perooze*.

(ok…I don’t perooze this one as much as I, well, make it)

Somtimes the Batmin makes an appearance!

xkcd is QUALITY

Deliciously charming and silly.

Cowbirds in Love


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

the other side


In the mood to discover some new comics? Go here, duders:

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* OK, I know this may or may not be a word, and since I can’t really spell it I can’t look it up (despite what all those teachers told me growing up). So when I don’t know how to spell a word I resort to phonetic spelling¬†like any logical person should.