Poop personified!

Well, maybe I don’t totally love how it sounds (#287)

Mellow yellow (#283)

Hella chihuahuas (#282)

Baseball is back (#281)

Yeah, it’s a day or so late. I blame Benjamin Franklin. (#266)

You’re not the only one who’s Lost (#263)

Funyuns (#251)

X is so edgy! (#243)

The great educator (#241)

The near future (#240)

OK, maybe not the best example (#237)

Greengrocer’s apostrophes (#236)

Splinter (#232)

There are no good American bumblers (#228)

Ke-mo sah-bee (#219)

Gefilte fish (#218)

A travesty (#202)

This is a true story, you guys! I tried to buy a Twix, and it got stuck. So I was bummed and about to leave, and then ALL OF THE SUDDEN the machine started moving again and my Twix fell into the abyss. But the machine just kept moving, and yet another Twix fellow down, satisfying my hunger twice over! Perhaps these star-crossed candy lovers just could not part, or perhaps the vending gods were smiling upon me that day. Whatever the case, I consumed two very unhealthy snacks instead of one, and my life is a little better for it. Well, not literally of course.

Those are not the kind of pencils I want to see (#200)

Seriously, what gives with eyebrows like that? Are there really dudes that find that attractive? I mean, "to each his own" I guess, but still. THAT CAN ONLY WORK FOR STUFF I DON'T FIND GROSS.

A disturbance (#199)

Seriously though, if we weren't friends in high school, why would you add me on facebook? Like, come on. It's not like I was the one who was a dick and now you're ok with it. YOU were the dick, dude or dudette! You know what? "Ignore friend request". BAM.

A tad awkward (#191)

This is, unfortunately, based on reality. I don't know what it is, but I just can't seem to get this whole "casual hello" thing down. I'm thinking of maybe getting a seeing eye dog and pretending to be blind. That way, it's totally up to the other person to initiate the passing-by hello.

Controversy, you guys! (#188)

Meh, I was going to put a more funny spin on this, but didn't really feel like it! It may or may not be because I would rather be playing the game........

Hell House (#187)

It's all true guys! Those fundamentalist Christians really know how to scare people, let me tell you.

Ono he did’int (#185)

Seriously though, I wish that middle panel was lying. There is a lot of yelping in one of the songs I heard, and, well, I just ain't really cool with that.

They are total cheaters, man (#184)

I think George Lucas also shops at Target.

Armistice Day (#183)

OK, there is an actual reason, but I didn't feel like writing it down! Go look it up, suckah. Though that bit about Americans is pretty much true.

The great debate (#182)

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffere the slings and arrows of outrageous gastrointestinal pain, or to take arms against a sea of lactase pills, and by opposing end them? To dine: to eat; no more; and by an eat to say we end the stomach-ache and the thousand natural poohs that butts are heir to, 'tis a consummation devoutly to be avoided. To dine, to eat; to eat: perchance to dessert: ay, there's the tub; for in that eat of girth what cheese may come when we have shuffled off this dairy coil, must give us gas.......

A hard C (#180)

Come on, be honest, when was the last time you heard the name "Ann Coulter" and didn't think of the c-word?

The November Classic? (#179)

*sigh* The Yankees won last night, so the November, erm, October Classic is officially over.

OK, maybe a small amount of pun intended (#177)

Seriously, what the crap is up with all this time change BS. Why can't the farmers just get up at a different time when they notice the sun is acting all wanky.

Time flies (#176)

This one looks different because I'm sick and don't have my normal drawing stuff! It's not swine flu though, unfortunately. You know what they say, "always the bridesmaid...". Well, that probably more applies to women who don't get married. Not dudes who "only" have a sore throat?

Password (#164)

Alright, I know you're tempted to see if you can login as an admin to my site now that you have this password. Well, duder, that's not MY password. It's that dude's in the red shirt. Duh.

I wish I could walk West and find cool stuff (#162)

"That's NATIVE dudes and dudettes to you, whitey."

Remakes (#160)

Dude, there are SO many movies I could have mentioned here. Seriously, Hollywood, stop doing this. iz dont like it.

Pretty much never a good idea (#159)

Alright, there isn't really a Godfather IV planned. But didn't you just about shit your pants when you saw that?

Sad, but true. (#157)

I briefly thought about trying to calculate the hours I've spent playing these games, but I decided it was probably best not to know. Thank goodness I didn't discover these games until after college...

The “K-word” (#156)

Seriously though: Ladies, don't ever call a dude Kayne. It's just not worth the risk. Go with gay fish instead.

Humanity is doomed, duders. (#152)

Dudes! This is true! At least, that's what the interwebs told me awhile back! P.S. I do hate Twilight. I mean, what the hell. How come those vampires aren't even like, you know, vampires?

The PETA Files (#151)

Man, sometimes I wish I was making this shit up.

Indiana Jones 5 (#150)

At the rate Mr. Ford is aging, I don't really think this is out of the question.

Quality apparel (#149)

You want to know why this is EXTRA funny? There are apartments by me in Los Angeles that are called "Crapi Apartments"! No joke, seriously! It's crazy and funny and wonderful.

I don’t see the correlation (#148)

I don't know about you guys, but I'm probably going to go buy some damn pigs.

“Town hall meeting” (#147)

I'm really really really sorry for calling it swine flu. I know it's a bad name! I mean, it's a funny name, but not appropriate! Also, that woman is holding a walker. It's hard to tell because, you know, I can't draw for shit.

“Not so jolly” (#146)

What a jerk she is. I mean, what if he was pregnant or something?

Hedonism (#140)

Dudes, I totally want this on my grave stone. Whether it is true or not! And I want Patrick Stewart to give my eulogy. Yes, I'm aware he doesn't know me and will probably be dead already by the time I die. Just use the audio of his speech from "Skin of Evil" when Tasha Yar dies. And if holograms are common place by that time (or even...holodecks!) make sure that he's in Star Fleet dress uniform, not the normal one! I WAS KIND OF A BIG DEAL.

Bathroom revenge (#127)

I totally try to do this when I'm in the bathroom with a dude talking on his cell phone. Unfortunately my farts are usually silent, so I have to resort to making fart sounds with my mouth.

The highest form of male intimacy (#123)

OK, maybe sword/penis fighting is the highest form of male intimacy, but I really didn't want to draw that.

Recommendation (#115)

Yes, this is about a specific movie.

“Pretty much the same” (#102)

There probably should be about 25 more frames of dude looking at Buxom Babes.

8% Paycut (#100)

I wish this wasn't actually true :(

Faces are hard to draw, ok? Jeez. (#92)

Yeah I'm talking to YOU, assclown.

Are you sure that’s your name? (#88)

This is, as usual, based on real events.

Turns out, not so much. (#69)

I think it would be more of a compliment to say great minds think unique. Unique New York. UniQUE New YoRK.

“Hella” (#68)

Unfortunately, since moving to southern Cal situations similar to this have happened to me.


Those are actually real terms in texting langauge! I'm glad I'm just old enough to have missed this bullshit craze.

Some links are impossible to find (#60)

I was thinking about having Lucy holding the missing link like a football, and then taking it away just before Charlie kicked it. I'd rather not piss off creationalists *and* the Schulz estate though.

You can never be too careful. (#59)

Crotch masks: for when abstinence just isn't safe enough.

The results are in! (#56)

If only I could somehow draw the lame dance they usually do, along with that music. Is there any chance in hell these people are actually real?

Adventures in online gaming (#29)

Unfortunately this is true.

Remember what day it is? (#27)

You know it happened today at some point.

BBAB! (#24)

It's like being preggers, without all that silly commitment!

Just another typical ‘SoCal’ celebrity sighting. (#21)

The fact that he goes to the same local bar as me probably makes him less of a celebrity...

If only H.G. Wells had started a religion. (#12)

If I go missing after this, tell people my story.

Flowers would have been nice. (#11)

I miss Nevada...at least it used lube.

Just another typical ‘SoCal’ night. (#7)


Just another typical ‘SoCal’ day. (#6)


“College credit” (#2)


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