Poop personified!

History repeats itself (#270)

Beverage parties don’t have to be lame! (#259)

My tea party (#250)

Some people I just cannot get down with! (#197)

It's cool if you like this dude with me. We just can't be friends, you know? I can't really see us seeing eye to eye on a lot of stuff. You know, because, well, you're probably a little crazy or something. And I'm condescending to people like that. So this probably isn't going to work out.

Girth Panels (#196)

These guys are obviously "half is glass full" types. I mean, chances are, if there were "girth panels", it would be to ELIMINATE the mofo's with LESS girth, right?

Dirth Panels (#195)

Listen: I really wish this was how the whole "death panels" thing came about. Unfortunately, as with a lot of things political, it was born of bullshit.

One of the many reasons you should mess with Texas (#190)

One day we're going to look back on all this hating gays stuff and think it was pretty silly. Except for Texas, of course. They will have seceded from the union, and will have Chuck Norris as a president. I WISH I COULD CLAIM THAT IDEA AS MY OWN, BUT OL' CHUCK HIMSELF SUGGESTED IT!!

Goin’ Rogue-ish (#189)

Listen guys, she's not a quitter; she's a fighter. What exactly she is fighting, nobody knows. I'm guessing common sense and gay rights.

Biden the prankster and the Dean Scream. (#153)

The Dean Scream! I still like watching it! I mean, obviously. I did just make a comci about it.

One of these dudes worked in the Bush administration. (#43)

This actually makes about as much sense as some environmental policies we've had here in the U.S.

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