Poop personified!

Squeezed from the beaker (#85)

Please don't sue me, Muppet people.

The Name, pt. 2 (#83)

Ripping off Seinfeld is fun!

The Name, pt. 1 (#82)

I think I would just name a kid vulva. I mean, why fuck around?

Some links are impossible to find (#60)

I was thinking about having Lucy holding the missing link like a football, and then taking it away just before Charlie kicked it. I'd rather not piss off creationalists *and* the Schulz estate though.

Daylight savings blows. (#18)


Only you…can freak me out. (#15)

Teddy was my first introduction to pulse-position modulation, though. So thanks for that, bear.

They make your feet stink. (#14)

Don't wear these if you want to be my friend.

Charles has a great idea for a shirt (#1)


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