Poop personified!

I’m “storming” the costume party this year. (#34)

The Chris Farley "I am El Nino" bit was the inspiration for this.

It’s time you learned the truth. (#33)

Mind-control sugar is as Americana as apple pie. Which also happens to contain mind-control sugar.

Wax Turds gets controversial. (#23)

I read somewhere that doing the Dew actually increases sperm count. Does this help the argument that less educated people reproduce at a higher rate than more educated people? Or am I just a dickhole?

Daylight savings blows. (#18)


Some people spell it catsup, and they’re weird. (#17)

Don't even get me started on the time ALF and I tried to make catsup.

Only you…can freak me out. (#15)

Teddy was my first introduction to pulse-position modulation, though. So thanks for that, bear.

They make your feet stink. (#14)

Don't wear these if you want to be my friend.

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