Poop personified!

Poop personified…sometimes. (#315)

Personifying the snow (#258)

Helen Hunt was definitely in on it (#229)

Sweet sweat (#201)

I really wish we were more phonetic about word spelling sometimes. I guess that's the downside of having a language built from so many other languages. Still, english rules!

Old-fashioned (#181)

I don't know, a few of those old-fashioned things sound pretty alright.

“Just turnin’ on the heater.” (Thanks, D.S.) (#42)

Yes, everyone pees in the ocean. It's not gross. There are trillions of other organisms that use the ocean as a toilet, and they don't even have the decency to concentrate their waste like we do.

Who wants a beard ride? (#35)

The things we men do for fashion.

Or, you’ve had a great idea and you’re doing a handstand. (#28)

I'm surprised more people don't realize they have shitty ideas, since many of them happen to have their head up their ass.

Go out and waste water, kids: It may save your life. (#25)

If you haven't seen C.H.U.D., please, put down whatever you are doing and get a copy to watch.

This is the outcome anytime Crocs are involved. (#20)

It's fun to use science tools for evil.

I want to know, have you ever seen the rain? (#16)


It’s all true, of course. (#10)

Dumb things people say when I tell them I grew up in Las Vegas

Observations on the bus (#8)


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