Poop personified!

Pshh, no. (#279)

April O’Neil Day (#278)

Love at first pinch (#268)

Presidents’ Day, in some places at least (#245)

V-Day (#244)

Happy Festivus! (#214)

Jingle, well, some of the way. I guess. (#213)

Only two options (#212)

Ho Ho Ho (#211)

I'm just joshin' ya, ho ho ho jokes never get old!

One, two, Santa’s coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door (#210)

Y’all be Trp’in (#194)

Ok, I simplified that whole fifth panel for the sake of comic relief. That's the jist of it though, and unless you're a doctor or biologist you shouldn't be knowing that pathway anyway! Also, happy turkey day!

Leftovers (#193)


Tofurkey (#192)

Don't even get me started on spam.

Why Halloween is rad in Nevada (#174)

Hey guys, that is me dressed like Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park! That's my costume this year, I think! Maybe, if I can't think of anything cooler at least. Since I'm writing this from the distant past, I could very well change my mind.

That’s a pretty scary condom if you ask me (#173)

Oh..wait..I think I get why it's bad now. An actual scary condom would be broken at the top, right?

Costume ideas (#163)

This pretty well descirbes what I go through every year.

“421” (#39)

Stoners should probably celebrate 420 by not smoking. Like, if you got present all year long, wouldn't you celebrate Christmas by not getting them?

I’m “storming” the costume party this year. (#34)

The Chris Farley "I am El Nino" bit was the inspiration for this.

It’s time you learned the truth. (#33)

Mind-control sugar is as Americana as apple pie. Which also happens to contain mind-control sugar.

Bunnies don’t lay eggs, kids. (#32)

What, you expected a non-turd related comic for Easter? TURD IS IN NAME OF THE SITE!

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