Poop personified!

A wiener by any other name… (#262)

The Lean Pockets diet (#230)

Pondering the McRib (#215)

The credit for this comic goes to my girlfriend! I mean, the credit really goes to McDonald's decision to make a gross-ass sandwich, but the catchy "failed comebacks" thing was her idea. WE ARE ALMOST LIKE THE BONNIE AND CLYDE OF COMICS RIGHT NOW. Except, you know, we don't make any money, stolen or otherwise.

Y’all be Trp’in (#194)

Ok, I simplified that whole fifth panel for the sake of comic relief. That's the jist of it though, and unless you're a doctor or biologist you shouldn't be knowing that pathway anyway! Also, happy turkey day!

A Sloppy Joe by any other name… (#186)

DUDE, seriously though, let's start calling them Dynamites! If I'm ever in a place that sells Sloppy Joes, and they ask me what I want, I'm going to say, "Dy-no-mite!".

“Evil twin” (#137)

Is it really a pickle, or a cucumber from an alternate dimension? I mean, it DOES have a goatee...

You’ve screwed me again, independence (#91)

Happy America Day, bitches.

She finds pastrami to be the most sensual of all the salted, cured meats. (#64)

This is loosely based on reality. Of course, so are a lot of these suckers!

It’s time you learned the truth. (#33)

Mind-control sugar is as Americana as apple pie. Which also happens to contain mind-control sugar.

Some people spell it catsup, and they’re weird. (#17)

Don't even get me started on the time ALF and I tried to make catsup.

Leave my cucumbers alone! (#4)


82% Vegetarian (#3)


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