Poop personified!

2012 equals :( (#311)

The Iceman’s bite (#288)

Coco is a go-go (#286)

Just do it (#284)

A couple of ugly grills (#274)

More lessons from Seinfeld (#272)

And I bet you thought that only worked in Monopoly (#261)

Oscar noms (#238)

Lessons (#234)

Team Ghostal (#226)

Tiger is good at what he does (#217)

Just blame the juice (#169)

All of this is true except the head-in-the-oven part. There was no oven nearby, so I went in search of a cliff. When there was none to be found, I went in search of a large plastic bag. I ended up wandering into a Halloween store and saw a giant condom costume, and figured that would probably do the trick. But that's a lame way to go out, because I hate costumes like that. So I just got in my car and went to work, and whilst driving thought to myself, 'damn it feels good to be a gangsta'.

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A big glass of milk is the secret (#168)

I debated on whether to draw that little lame 'stache he has now. In the end, I'd prefer the only stache to be related with this comic is a milk stache.

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It must run in the family (#165)

She's got to make sure those pesky ancestors to native americans don't cause any trouble.

Well, that is a unique name. (#101)

What, you don't think it's possible? LET'S MAKE A BET.

So that’s why… (#98)

Please don't have me eliminated, Church of Scientology.

“Welcome to Washington D.C.” (#72)

Ok, I didn't see Obama. But I did see Marine One! And he was probably, you know, inside it.

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