Poop personified!

You can lead a cat to water (#314)

No more heroes (#313)

Lost in platitudes (#312)

More productive (#310)

New costume ideas (#309)

A simple question (#308)

Does not respond well to criticism (#307)

A new weapon (#306)

Stevens’ kryptonite (#305)

Up in the sky (#304)

Batman? Not so much. (#303)

Stevens gets a new gig (#302)

Birth of a hero (#301)

teh l337 (#300)

Pushing it to the limit (#299)

The reunion (#298)

So how’d you hear about us? (#297)

The Feline Persuasion (#296)

Eye for an eye (#295)

Illegitimate kittens (#294)

Stevens’ balls are not the problem (#293)

He’s a real tomcat (#292)

Kitty rehab (#291)

And now for a surprise guest [Pt. 5] (#209)

I don't know if you can tell, but I like lolcats.

Stevens: A cat reformed [Pt. 4] (#208)

Listen, I don't want to spoil future Stevens comics, but he's faking it.

Stevens is going to boot camp [Pt. 3] (#207)

I know I'm not giving D-West enough screen time here. But the dude is hard to draw! He doens't even have hair, but when I draw bald dudes it looks really weird!

Audience participation [Pt. 2] (#206)

Security really dropped the ball on that one. I mean, he's on the darn show because he poops on stuff. Surely they had to of figured he might poop on that dude?

In the case of 2 day old poop…Stevens, you ARE the father [Pt. 1] (#205)

Ok, maybe the title was misleading. This is going to be a boot camp one! Not a paternity test! But come to think of it, a paternity test for poop is pretty funny. I may revisit this...

teh revenges (#138)

Stevens is a big fan of lolcat speak :)

Cat vs. Dunce Cap (#131)

Only while wearing the dunce cap can you has cheezburger.

Cat vs. Lizard (#125)

To be fair, Rodan wouldn't take that shit without a fight. I bet Megalon would help him out.

Cat Stevens’ Organic Fertilizer Co., Pt. 3 (#121)

I bet the Cat's Cradle Promotion is back on.

Cat Stevens’ Organic Fertilizer Co., Pt. 2 (#120)

I'm referring to the Cat's Cradle string game, not the song. What, just because Cat Stevens says "Cat's Cradle" it has to mean the song he wrote by the same name? Sheesh.

Cat Stevens’ Organic Fertilizer Co., Pt. 1 (#119)

I don't forsee any problems with this idea.

Cat vs. Diaper (#111)

You'd be mad too, I reckon. I mean, it's not even a normal diaper. It's a pink one. And Stevens is a manly cat, so pink doesn't fly. He wants a super masculine color, like black, or dark grey.

Spending some time with the cat (#103)

Don't pretend your cat isn't capable of pooping schenanagins...

Cat vs. Therapist (#99)

That cat is a real turd.

“Usually out of spite” (#97)

I have to admit, if I saw a sign like this I'd probably want to see this cat.

Cat vs. Cat Burglar (#79)

This cat's not fucking around.

Cat 5 :: Human 5 – Cat’s Revenge (#75)

Well he hasn't worn them yet, maybe he can just take them back?

Cat 4 :: Human 5 (#71)

How the scoring worked: Cat got 1 point for killing the bird and 1 point for taking a shit. Human got 2 points for each testicle removed from Cat, 1 point for the radar dish, and 1 point for making a grave for the balls.

Cat 2 :: Human 1 (#61)

The website is called wax turds, don't act surprised I showed somebody taking a shit.

Cat 1 Human 0 (#26)

Don't let anyone ever tell you cats can't understand what you're saying.

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