Poop personified!

Keep your nose clean, kids. (#50!!!)

Ok, I'm not actually sure if you can get crabs in your nose. I kind of suspect you can, but I'm not really willing to test this theory.

It’s snot right to do nothing, Pt. 3 (#47)

Little known fact: the right nostril boogers were incorrectly named "turds" when Christopher Columbus thought he had found the East Anal region of Buttocks.

Tragedy in Booger Society, Pt. 2 (#46)

I imagine the "Kllleeennneeexxx" panel to be similar to "Kaaaahhhnnnn" from Star Trek II. If I had more room I would have drawn panels that zoom out from the nose to the earth, with echoing "Klleeennneexxx".

Tragedy in Booger Society, Pt. 1 (#45)

Left Nostrilopolis Boogercats are #1!

Monster booger (#40)

Don't act like you don't pick your nose.

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