Poop personified!

Rad / Bad – Turtle Edition (#273)

The hero’s smile (#249)

The hero returns; and this time, he’s out for blood! (#248)

An abomination (#155)

See, this is why I don't draw eyes. They are freaky looking, dude!

Biden the prankster (#144)

Now you guys know the truth!

Little green men (#132)

Poor little guy. He's going to fog up his space helmet.

“Down south” (#122)

It's funny because being "down south" also refers to spending time around the genitalia. FYI.

Rubber shirts that only come in XXXL? WIN (#94)

Don't act like you think this is a bad idea. You KNOW it's fantastic, and would probably make me millions of dollars if I wasn't so lazy.

“My hair is so full of body” (#89)

Since this shampoo is real, I have a few questions: a) is it real placenta, b) if so, what animal does it come from..., and c) how gross would it be to drink it?

Uh-oh, the Earth asplode (#84)

This is what happens when you break the fourth wall, folks.

“If I ruled the world” (#80)

Trust me, there is way more cool shit where this came from.

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