Poop personified!

21 or 70 (#290)

Geophagy (#198)

I heard about this on the "how stuff works" podcast! It's awesome guys, you should listen to it! Also, I'm thinking about getting in the dirt-food selling business.

Y’all be Trp’in (#194)

Ok, I simplified that whole fifth panel for the sake of comic relief. That's the jist of it though, and unless you're a doctor or biologist you shouldn't be knowing that pathway anyway! Also, happy turkey day!

Trust me, it’s scary. (#175)

Google it, suckah!

A scary invention (#172)

On the show Wings Antonio dated a woman with a large head, whom he one time lovingly referred to as a "jack-o'-lantern". That was more or less the inspiration for this comic. Also, pie.

Gary Wright = love at first sight (#171)

Yay for Wayne's World references!

Circles (#158)

It's possible that the fact cars are driving in circles is actually not what's entertaining about Nascar. I'm guessing it's the beer.

He’s a real ladies’ robot (#143)

I'd probably go for the robot as well.

Daisy Bell (#142)

Hey look, more 2001 references!

JCN-9000 (#141)

Of course, the name JCN-9000 is a reference to HAL-9000, and is also one letter off from IBM, just like HAL! Plus, it's phonetically the same as my name! SWEET.

< Displaying user's thoughts > (#135)

I briefly considered making Science Guy the object of the thought drawing machine, but..well, I'd rather keep some things a mystery :)

“Eats anything in its path” (#116)

Hey...wait a minute...that organism looks like Pac-Man!

“Scientifc efficiency” (#106)

About half of this comic is true :(

The Illumidarwin (#105)

The Illumidarwin: For all those times when science is contradicted.

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