360, you weren’t missed all that much.

In the absense of my beloved 360 I have bene hitting steam games pretty hard, mostly Left 4 Dead and Red Alert 3. Initially I was all kinds of addicted to L4D; it’s just the most hectic fun multiplayer I’ve played in a long time. Sure, most of the time you get really poor teamwork from your fellow survivors, and even the occasional douchebag who tries to make things harder on purpose. And yeah, there are just not enough game modes and maps for online play. But I’ll be damned if any of that really effects my opinion of the game yet, because overall the game is just fun to play. 

Zombies, zombies, and more zombies.

RA3 was one I wasn’t sure I would like, as I really just haven’t RTS games in the past. Just prior to playing this I started playing C&C: Generals – Zero Hour with some buddies, so I guess that was enough of a primer for me to get into RA3. And you know, it’s pretty rad. The units are cool and unique, the infamous videos featuring celebrities are actually funnier than I was expecting,  and there is a fairly lengthy single player campaign that seems to more than justify the relatively cheap price. 

Water combat is usually pretty awesome.

I also picked up Crysis recently, mostly because in the past I’ve just never had a computer able to play the damn game. I currently have a quad-core processor, two video cards, and 4Gb of RAM, and I still can’t play this game smoothly on high/ultra-high settings (for whatever reason, high and ultra-high run pretty much the same, which is only slightly worse than medium). It’s freaking ridiculous, because this game came out two years ago. It has just completely convinced me that this game is designed poorly, because you shouldn’t need to have more horsepower than I have to get this game running the way it should. So, in other words, fuck Crysis. 


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