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I’ve decided to try OhNoRobot

In case you don’t know, I run a little webcomic called Wax Turds. Sure, it might look like things are all shits and  giggles (ha!) on the site, but I’ve had one major pain in my ass since starting my site: the search function. Frankly, it’s just not cutting it, because it’s made for more text-heavy blog posts. Since everything I post is an image, there is not really a great way to index all my comics so the search will actually find what you’re looking for.

Well, I was poking around on Dinosaur Comics today and I came across something the dude that makes those fantastic comics came up with: OhnoRobot. Apparently it’s a pretty rad search feature made specifically for webcomics. Well, I thought to myself, that’s exactly what I need, by golly.


Not only does it seem to be just what the doctor ordered, it’s also got a pretty damn rad logo. My friend type people know I’m a fan of the robits, but I’m super fan of robit birds. Also, I really like to say robit instead of robot. I heard them say that on the original Twilight Zone a bunch and it’s just always stuck with  me, I guess.

So anyway, I’m currently transcribing all my comics so they are searchable via ohnorobot, then I’ll try to integrate that into my site in some kind of intelligent way. Here’s a little taste of things to come!

Here's a taste!

Random bits of tid

I keep starting blog posts and not finishing them, probably because I’m a lazy sack of shit. So here’s some randomness.

I’ve been Rosetta Stone-ing my way towards a Spanish-speaking existence. Turns out my brain isn’t super crazy about learning a new language. But I’m stubborn, so it’s going to freaking happen.

Picked up the director’s cut of Watchmen. Yeah, it’s a little closer to the comic with the added scenes. Yeah, it’s like three hours long. And yeah, it’s still not that great of a movie. Go read the graphic novel instead, it’s fantastic.
One of the cooler scenes.

Bought ‘Splosion Man on xbox live arcade. Dude, that game freaking rocks. I haven’t had so much fun playing a cheap game since Braid.
It's pretty damn rad.

Comic-Con is this week! One year I’m going to go, I swear. I looked into it too late this year, apparently tickets sell out really fast. Lots of fellow nerds in socal, I guess.

I was reading the news recently and saw that Dick Cheney is getting extended secret service protection. Maybe if he stopped being such a hypocritical douche he wouldn’t need it.
I haz grizzled features.

I watched a movie about Helvetica, the font. It was good for about 15 minutes.

I’ve almost completed my second 100 page notebook of Wax Turds Comics. It’s strangely satisfying to have an entire notebook of doodles and comics – my goal is to get a bunch of them and display them in some way in my apartment.

Just started watching “Mad Men”, which is a pretty damn good show. It’s almost comical the kind of Pavlovian response I feel when watching how the dudes treat women in that show (which is, raised eyebrows, uncomfortable sigh, and sexy ‘stache. That last one is my reaction to a lot of things though, to be fair.). I guess that means progress has been made since those days?

The union I’m more or less forced to be in is voting on whether to strike the California paycuts / furloughs. I have mixed feelings. California is in big trouble, so in terms of that I am actually pretty ok taking a slight paycut. Then again, my salary comes from the DOE, so I’m wondering what good cutting my pay would even do (wouldn’t that just generate less income tax for CA?…). I must admit, if they would just make a damn subway system I would not only agree to a paycut, but let CA take my anal virginity. Seriously, let’s get a damn train or something going here. Wouldn’t that generate a lot of revinue? And be environmentally awesome? And solve the traffic nightmare here? I feel like I’m making too much sense to live here.

I donated blood yesterday. It was awesome! They gave me a beach towel, movie tickets, cookies, and juice. They are way desperate for blood, apparently.

An encounter I witnessed on the bus.

Now normally I’m too caught up in a book to notice much of what is happening on the bus, but the other day I was jolted by the guy next to me who was trying to crane his neck to see an apparent argument between two people at the front of the bus. Though I was late to the “conversation”, I think I got the jist of it. Here’s my admittedly crude transcript of the events, from where I started listening:

Guy 1, aka fisherman’s hat guy, or FHG: “I’m just saying man, I would have given my seat to that lady.”

Guy 2, aka dad with kid, or DWK: “It’s not like she’s an old lady or something, and I’m sitting here with my kid.”

FHG: “It doesnt’ matter if she’s old, you should be a man and give her your seat.”

DWK: “Maybe you should just mind your own business.”

FHG: “Well I’m making this my business, asshole.”

DWK: “Whatever.” *then some mumbling*

FHG: “Yeah, you better say whatever.”

DWK: *says something to his kid, who looks scared as hell*

FHG: *says something that I couldn’t quite hear, but I’m assuming was derogatory*

DWK: “Stop preaching and leave me alone.”

FHG: “I will preach AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!”

And then at this point the bus driver told the FHG to shut the hell up or he will be ejected from the bus, so the guy shut up. I think it’s also worth adding that FHG refused to take a seat even when there were ample after the next stop. This fucker was serious.

The hat was something like this, but blue camo. Only winners wear blue camo, you know.

The hat was something like this, but blue camo. Only winners wear blue camo, you know.

Really, the whole thing that made this story worth writing out was the very last line, “I will preach AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!”. That is without a doubt one of the dumbest and funniest things I’ve ever heard someone say in a serious manner. Like, what was he expecting to be the outcome of that? The FHG was probably about 5’1″, and the DWK was easily over 6’3″, so if he was trying to instigate a fight it’s unlikely he could even reach the guys face to punch.

And who the hell yells at a guy who is sitting with his kid on the bus? That kid looked really scared, and the dad didn’t, so I can only assume the short asshole was getting some enjoyment out of scaring the kid. I could see maybe if the woman who was forced to stand was old or crippled or something, but she was literally in her early 20’s and didn’t appear to even be aware the argument was going on.

I’m the kind of dude that avoids confrontation as a way of life, so it just seems crazy to me to “preach” to someone on the bus. I suppose I’ll never understand people.

Somebody slap me, please.


I’m thinking about going to grad school, again.

My job is boring and not intellectually stimulating.

I know what kind of stuff I like, and for some reason I’m not doing that.

Somebody slap me, please.

I feel your pain, Picard.

Five years is a long time :(

Reasons why June is AWESOME

Ok folks, I’m not sure if you know this, but June is a little bit awesome. Why, you ask? Let me show you with some bullet points.

  • June Gloom“June Gloom” – if you’re a SoCal-ite, you know all about June’s weather. It’s like, shady all the time. Or at the very least, until the afternoon. Since I grew up in an area wtih 365 days of sunshine, I’m one of those people who really dig a cloudy/rainy day.
  • Not a million students on campus – after the quarter ends the campus is pretty dead, which I dig. I have nothing against tons of undergrads walking around, but it’s quite peaceful with no one around. Plus, less people smoking outside doorways! I can’t wait until that’s illegal, or better yet: smoking is banned on campus.
  • e3E3 – yeah, I play video games. E3 is a video game conference that takes place once per year, and basically is where alot of cool shit is shown for the first time ever. I watch it streamed live all day at work the week is happens, and I’m not afraid to admit that. If E3 ever becomes public again you can bet your ass I will be there!
  • The days – they’re hella long, dudes! I like getting home and having hours of daylight still. That also means less of a chance of being hit by a car when I’m riding my bike – always a plus.
  • Almost my birthday, kinda – since the anniversary of my cervical excape is in early September, that means there is less than 3 months of waiting to get old when June rolls around. I don’t usually really do much for my birthday, but still.

There are some more reasons, but they don’t make good bullet points. Basically, June=awesome.

What has two thumbs and is going to Washington D.C.?


So I’m heading to the capital for 5 days of good times tonight. I plan on doing plenty of the touristy stuff like visit the Mall, and pay my respects to the Penis Monument:


Freedom's Penis.

Hey terrorists, want to know why we’re awesome? FREEDOM. Nah, just kidding. It’s because we have big penises. Look, why else would we built a huge phallic structure like this? What’s that, did you say over-compensation? Ha, sure terrorists. Whatever you say. Let’s see if you’re still saying that when we drop a bunch of penis-shaped missiles all over your ass

Anyway, so I’m going to DC. One of the primary reasons for going is this thing called a “Crawfish Broil”, which I’m pretty sure is exactly what it sounds like. Though I’ve only dissected crayfish, and am not even really sure how to eat them, it should be good times! There will reportedly be a lot of beer available alongside the crayfish, so I’m pretty sure it will be impossible to not get my fun on.


This is probably what my plate will look like. Seriously though, how do you eat them?

An interesting tidbit: a lot of my family is originally from Virginia, and some in fact may still be there. I’m not really sure who or where they are though, so I doubt I’ll be hitting them up for high-fives. As you can tell, we are a close-nit bunch, folks!

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass.

Went down to San Diego yesterday with some friends and saw the Doves, an indie-ish rock band from England. Drank some beer, ate some bad food, and saw a pretty good concert – overall, pretty good times!

I’m not really super into the Doves for the most part, as their sound is just a little slow for my taste in general. I do dig a few of the songs off their new album though, “Kingdom of Rust”. Well, after the concert my general opinion of them has changed! Almost all of the songs they played I hadn’t heard before, and they were actually more rockin’ than I was expecting. I pretty much always like live music I guess, simply because it’s usually quite loud and the atmosphere is good. But yeah, these guys put on a hella good concert!


We briefly saw some of the opening band, Pop Noir. I wasn’t really feeling them so much, but they closed with a pretty decent cover of “Paint it Black”, which is actually one of my favorite Stones songs. So that was slightly redeeming I suppose..but overall, they were just alright.


I’m re-reading “Galapagos” by Kurt Vonnegut for the first time since high school. I totally appreciate this book so much more now that I have a good undertanding of evolution! It’s so unbelievable clever at times that I just want to give this guy a high five. If he was still alive, of course. Seriously, if you have never read a Vonnegut novel…do it. You are missing out. 


Also: I’ve discovered cowboy hats are fun to draw! I don’t know why, but I get a strange giddy joy drawing them, especially the top part. I know that’s totally random and maybe even strange, but that’s pretty much my modus operandi. I’m pretty seriously considering having a comic character with a cowboy hat. And I mean, come on, cowbody/country culture is ripe for tons of weird situations and jokes.